Why Supporting Local Business Matters

Why Supporting Local Business Matters


When one of your residents buys local, a significant amount of that money stays within the local community. One prominent study by the American Independent Business Alliance found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 from that purchase stayed within the community.

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Local business owners also often have tremendous incentive to support other businesses within their own community, doing so for both business and personal purchases. Creating a tight sense of fellowship within your business community further drives local shopping, with local residents taking notice and following suit.

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Effectively showcasing your members, the businesses local to the community, creates a connection that can't be found when residents are discovering businesses on much larger regional/national directories. No sense of community is created when your residents are bouncing from city to city in their search for a particular product or service.

Keep local residents shopping within the community by utilizing a platform with all of the bells and whistles they have become accustomed to on much larger national platforms!


Your membership is unique to your community. Helping to showcase that uniqueness and the individuals behind your member businesses allow you to create a sense of solidarity.

More robust profiles and easier to navigate directories establish a stronger relationship between your member businesses and the community, both in the "shopping" phase and as they engage those businesses as customers!