Many small town businesses underestimate the importance of their chambers of commerce. Here are some ways to get involved today!



    Become a Member of your own chamber

    Becoming a member is money well spent and easy to get involved in.


    Run for Board

    If you end up becoming a member, run for board! Being really involved in your local chamber of commerce will make you enjoy it even more.


    Go to meetings

    The more involved you are, the more you'll enjoy getting into discussions.


     Take your business needs to your chamber board

    Ask for them to consider researching or adding services you need. You can ask things like:

    • Business skills development workshops at reduced costs
    • Group health insurance options
    • Event insurance to be used for business group events


    Take your concerns about the chamber directly to the director or chamber president

    Gossiping about a community issue will not get it resolved! Take your concerns directly to the director or chamber president.


    Advocate for you chamber at City Council meetings

    It's a good idea to keep the chamber on your City Council’s agenda when it comes time to distribute funding.

    Thank your chamber board

    Lastly, try to thank them for their service to your town and business community.