1. Follow the one-in-seven-rule

    This means that one in every seven posts promote your business. For example, if you started using twitter to promote your cake business, post some articles that relate to desserts but not specifically your business. This doesn't mean you can't promote your business in those other posts but just be sure to pair it with interesting content.


    2.Ask conversation-starter questions

    Most people like participating in sharing their opinions. So ask your Facebook friends to give their insight on topics that are relevant for your business but still interesting to them.


    3. Share your expertise

    Post fun facts in the form of questions on your social media with special offers presented to the first person to answer correctly.


    4. Value

    While having fun posts is great to promote your business, it's important to provide content  that benefits your followers. That can mean posting tips or offering special deals on products or services.


    5. Create a Pinterest board

    Pinterest is one of the most up-to-date ways to promote your business. Make a board that is eye-catching and have a contest that will reward customers for their participation. Encourage your customers to re-pin your posts!


    6. Post updates

    Make sure to keep your social media active and running for your followers to still have interest. It's also very important to have content on your social media before before you start adding friends and followers. Remember, customers are going to look at your page first to see if they want to follow you.